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Don’t let the name fool you, no running is required. I might have been better off calling it a network, or even just blog. However, I still like the idea of a run club.

For me, it has fostered a sense of community and helped me to not just develop on the run but even beyond. It doesn’t matter if you are a runner, walker, hiker, or whatever way you move…the RunninRev Run Club is about always “moving” forward.

This is a page to help build that sense of moving forward, whether spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically. Join to engage with my thoughts, musings, or whatever you want to call them. Learn more about Andrew, The RunninRev and leader of the Run Club below.

Come along on this journey, and make every mile count!

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  1. The Main Page: “The RunninRev Run Club”

    This will be a more newsletter-style update of my writings and podcasting. I will most likely include quick thoughts that I am pondering around, but hope to keep it short, and sweet, and to point you to content or other areas. This is the main subscription, where you are seeing this post.

  2. The Blog: “On A Long Run”

    This space is for longer, reflective blog posts. Covering the gamut of areas that I often think about. You will find musings on the running community, my ministry, and my general thoughts. I cannot promise how often I might publish there, but be on the lookout for some, hopefully, fun stuff.

  3. Pastoral/Faith-Based Areas (please don’t let this scare you off):


    Areas for me to publish my sermons and devotions (they are separate areas). The hope would be for these to be published weekly, but again trying to take away the stress from this.

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Who is “The RunninRev”

My name is Andrew Ware, also known as “The RunninRev.” I fulfill various roles in life such as a husband, father, friend, pastor, runner, advocate, podcaster, and writer. While these roles are integral to my life, I predominantly identify myself as a pastor and a runner.

The persona "RunninRev" embodies these essential aspects of my life. As a pastor and a runner, I experience a profound connection to both my calling and my passion for running.

I am a fully ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, serving as a pastor since 2014 in three distinct ministry settings. Presently, I am engaged at Beech Grove United Methodist Church in Suffolk, VA. My principal interests within the church revolve around community and innovation. I derive joy from fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment wherever my ministry takes me.

Running has been a lifelong pursuit for me, evolving into a form of self-care and therapeutic release. It has not only enhanced my physical and mental well-being but has also become a manifestation of community and faith. Additionally, I hold a USATF Level 1 Certified Running Coach accreditation and possess experience as a race director/organizer.

Amidst the pandemic, I developed a fervor for advocating self-care after encountering pastoral burnout due to evolving responsibilities in a changing church landscape. This experience illuminated the significance of self-care.

Above all, my family serves as my cornerstone. My wife and children provide unwavering support and serve as a constant upon which I rely.

As I endeavor to build community, my goal is to establish meaningful connections and foster collective growth. Let's connect and grow together.

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Building authentic community relationships through running, wellbeing, and faith. Keep up with the network and all the fun happening. This run club is welcome to everyone, and there is no running required. Join and get your brain and spirit moving!!!


“The RunninRev” Pastor in the United Methodist Church Host of the Active Faith Podcast
Lindsay is a ordained Deacon in The United Methodist Church as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Lindsay has always been drawn to the intersection of mental health and faith through the various roles she has served over the years.