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We are created to be in community with one another. Community is what supports us when we are low, celebrates our highs, and is a constant point of gathering in our lives. While the people in our community may change expressions of community are the constant to drive us forward.

Building community is one of my great passions because I have recognized how the nature of community can help us grow in faith. Community is the primary focus of my vision because of this nature of growth.

Building Community Through:


As a pastor in the United Methodist Church, I seek to build “Christian community” by serving as a leader in the local community. I am currently serving in Suffolk, Va at Beech Grove United Methodist Church. We see God calling us to be “a visible church without walls, strengthening our community by connecting resources to needs through partnerships.”


When faced with vocational burnout, I wanted to explore what it meant to truly care for myself, so that I could better care for those God entrusted in my care. As a self-care advocate I seek to build community through writing and podcasting to develop a theology of self-care. In working with others, we can grow and learn better manners and rituals to care for ourselves as well as better care for others.


As a lifelong runner, I have experienced the benefit that running in community can offer. I love to gather with other runners and share stories, experiences, and even some miles together. I seek to build community to help make our community stronger by being active together. No matter your pace or ability there is always a place for everyone. 

Andrew Ware

Pastor, Advocate, Coach

Andrew is a pastor in the United Methodist Church serving Beech Grove UMC in Suffolk, Va. He is also an advocate for clergy health and helping clergy avoid burnout. Equally important, Andrew leads churches to recognize their roles in God’s Kingdom as beacons of hope and grace in the world. Andrew advocates for self-care and self-worth as manners of living into the Great Commandments.

Beech Grove UMC

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