Why I Run with the Triple Stroller

Written by: Andrew Ware
January 28, 2023

Hi, I’m Jessica

a mother runner of 3 littles and an active-duty husband. Welcome to my corner of the active faith podcast media. I figured I would start by explaining my reason for why I push three kids in my triple stroller for about 90% of my runs and then get into other facts about me in later posts.

Most people think I have lost my mind when I say I run half marathons with all 3 of my kids in a triple stroller. Quite honestly, I agree most days, but this also brings me sanity. My husband is gone more than he is home, currently in the middle of a long deployment, so running with them gives me so much freedom on when and how I run. I also started running with my two oldest in a double stroller almost four years ago.


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