Marathon Monday…and Back to Work

Written by: Andrew Ware
April 17, 2023

RunninRev Newsletter April 17: In the church, in the network, and on the run

Thought of the Week

Today is one of the only Mondays that I look forward to…MARATHON MONDAY!!!

I absolutely love the Boston Marathon. While I would love to qualify for and run Boston one day, I do not get lost in the feat. I find myself in the mindset of enjoying the prestige and fun of watching the race. I have watched just about every Boston Marathon since 2008. Even if I had a class or work I usually had it on a computer on silent or followed it on Twitter, at the very least.

Between the Elite nature of the field (one of a few marathons that require a qualifying time to participate) and the history (the oldest annual marathon in the world), it provides excitement each and every year it is contested. The stories that come out of it (whether from professionals or non-professionals) are such a joy to read. I always wonder how someone made it to Boston. What was the run journey that got them there?

While the qualifying times are quick, many of these are everyday people. We share the roads with them. They are a part of our communities. They are human beings.

It is that human aspect that reminds me of what we are capable of as humans. It reminds me that we can do hard things when we set our minds to them. Boston qualifying may be out of reach for me right now, but it still stands there as a reminder of all the folks who have accomplished the feat. It reminds me that my goals are not insignificant and even when I think they are too hard I can still go after them.

Let this be a call to all of us that we can do hard things. I don’t judge myself against these fantastic marathoners, but derive my own drive from their determination. Because I can see what humanity is capable of, I know I am capable of great things too.

And so are you!!!

The Active Faith Podcast

As I mentioned last week, being on vacation meant no new episode. However, I do want to share an earlier episode of the podcast. Enjoy this episode where I talk to a fellow pastor and enthusiast and teacher of the Enneagram, Kori Robin. In this episode, she talks about her own journey in self-care and how learning about herself more deeply has led to her personal growth.

Your Turn:

Let’s hear your thoughts for the next episode:

  • Name a positive affirmation that you use.

Lenten Journey of Care

Lent is a time in the Christian Liturgical Calendar born from centuries of Christian practice of preparation for the celebration of Easter. During this time it would have been customary for persons of faith to engage in a time of deep, spiritual reflection, contemplating what a more holistic Christian lifestyle might look like.

This Lenten season I wanted to bring together a series of reflections on self-care so that readers may grow deeper in their relationship with self as a manner of growing deeper in their relationship with their creator. Join along for A Lenten Journey of Care, every Wednesday a new reflection will be posted by a different person from the Active Faith Community, each of whose voices you have heard on the Podcast, bringing new words as we grow together.

Check out Week 8 (The Final Week):

Active Faith Pod Newsletter
10 The Lord proclaims: When Babylon’s seventy years are up, I will come and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place. 11 I know the plans I have in mind for you, declares the Lord; they are plans for peace, not disaster, to give you a future filled with hope…
Read more

Posts This Week

While I was on vacation, I did already have an article in the pipeline and ready to go. Sometimes ideas just hit me and I get them out initially in a Pages document, but I won’t publish them here for a few weeks. This is one of those articles I have been working on for a bit and finally found time to finalize it. Yes, it incorporates my current favorite show, Ted Lasso. Enjoy!!!

Active Faith Pod Newsletter
It’s BS…or is it?
One of my favorite current shows is the AppleTV show, Ted Lasso. As a fan of soccer, I remember the original NBC Sports promos featuring Jason Sudeikis as a fun-loving American Football Coach commentating on European football (soccer as we call it). I thought it was some of the best comedy I had ever seen. So when I heard a show was going to be produced…
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In the Pulpit

Sorry no sermon this week, but make sure to check out my church’s podcast and you can listen to all my previous sermons as well as my guest preacher’s message from yesterday.

On the Run

Now to my vacation time. I will probably offer more in notes or post format throughout the week, but on the run, it was revitalizing and exactly what I needed. I had been in a pretty negative headspace before Easter, but the running freedom on vacation really reset me. Each run was different, and despite the hills, no run felt overly exerting.

The views weren’t too bad either.

Stats for Last Week:

Week Total – 31 miles
Longest run – 7.28 miles
For the Year – 562.5 miles

Follow along my journey via my Strava Profile

Intention for this week: Strong

As I come into this post-vacation week it can be easy to get down fast as I drop back to reality. I stay strong as I am able to continue to remain grounded in the renewal I have experienced and reconnected with my source of self-care

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  • Andrew Ware

    My vision as the RunninRev is to build community and faith relationships through running and self-care. I have become an advocate in the church for clergy care, and helping clergy prevent or recover from burnout. I see my primary outreach to the community as building these communal structures through running and having fun together on the run.

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