Strengths and Weakness w/ Josh Wax

by Andrew Ware

Josh Wax joins to tell about his journey in the weightlifting and strength training world. How did he get there, and how has he gone from feeling weak to using his strengths.

Josh is involved in the weightlifting and strongman scene, and enjoys reaching new goals in the gym. Josh works in the restaurant industry, but has dreams to become a personal trainer as he continues to reach his goals and help others reach theirs as well. 

As we work at building our own theology of self-care we know there are times when we may feel weak in our lives. However, it is about how we continue to focus on ways to care for ourselves. Failure will happen, but it is how we respond to failure that helps to inform the people we will be going forward. Limitations, adversity, and weakness are common themes as we pursue self-care as a spiritual practice.

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