Reigniting the Podcast

by The RunninRev

Gotta bring this back, but in a healthier way…so tune in!!!


However, I am looking to do something a little bit different and change things up to hopefully make my podcasting more sustainable. Podcasting in this period has proven to be a little overwhelming, as over the last year+ I have seen how much work it takes to put a podcast together. I have to admit the scheduling, producing, and editing of episodes takes some time. This is not a matter of complaint, but a matter of fact that just became too much as we started to revamp ministries at church, my running got really serious in training for Shamrock, and my typical familial desires I have. The natural time away from podcasting gave me the reflection space that the way I was podcasting this season was not sustainable.

So here is what I am looking at doing:

I am still hoping to offer the long-form interviews that have defined this podcast. I am already starting to look for people to interview that I think you all will like, and begin to offer those long-form shows once a month (this is somewhat aspirational but feels attainable right now).

In the interim weeks, I am developing a new show format centered around a collaborating sort of model. For these episodes, the plan is to pose a question to the community the week before in the podcast, on the Substack, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (pretty much everywhere I am…or try to be). Then I will spend the episode sharing my own experiences around the question and your alls answers, and find ways we can learn and grow together.

I am hoping these episodes will be 15-20 mins and easily digestible for the community to grow together. The long-form interviews will be the typical 45-60 minutes you all have come to expect from those. I do know it might seem like a lot of me talking (something I do like to do, but try to be conscious of the amount), but I hope by including your responses that the diversity of voices, experiences, and thoughts will be shown through this community.

I am hoping to begin this next Friday (that’s right sticking to the Friday schedule for podcast releases) and I am going to take things back to the beginning…well beginning of the pod. If you remember episode one I talked about our “why” for caring for ourselves/being active.

Episode 1: Name Your Why

So, this week’s question that is going to reflect on in next week’s episode is:

What is your why?

Leave your answers in the comments, message me, or email me.

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