Joe Varner

by Andrew Ware

Joe has tried many times throughout his life to live a healthy lifestyle. He has wrestled with what healthiness means for him, and what it looks like for him to be healthy. In this episode he talks about how he has gained weight, lost weight, and talks about his overall relationship with food. What has it meant for Joe to change this mindset of food merely filling us to food fueling us? What role has Joe’s family and friends played in his journey to redefine health for himself? We cover many topics in this episode to develop and look at how Joe wrestled with what held him back in his pursuit of living actively and healthily. His journey is one I think we can all approach as we build our own theology of self-care to note how we must define how we will help to heal the pains and wounds of our past.

Joe is a United Methodist Pastor and talks about this relationship with food and activity. He talks about his family and his ministry. Find Joe on Instagram: @joevarner

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